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Introducing Pixtorio One: A news all-in-one retail photo platform.

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About Tripod Ventures

Tripod Ventures was formed in 2007 to meet an emerging need in the retail sector for Web 2.0 technology solutions that combine stellar user experiences with operational excellence. Each of the three company founders brings a different set of expertise to the group: technology innovation, operational excellence and a deep strategic knowledge of the retail business. The company is dedicated to funding the development and operation of unique technology solutions for the retail sector that enable retailers to manage the order and fulfillment process for user generated objects.

Tripod Ventures' first product, Pixtorio One, debuted recently to rave reviews. This revolutionary platform is primed to become the new standard for photo retailers. Based on third-generation technology, Pixtorio One is an integrated web platform delivers a unified user interface for both photo processing and photo merchandising orders. The platform leverages the latest web technology to streamline the ordering process and creates a stellar user experience that is intuitive for consumers. For the retailer this means greater client conversion, increased revenue and lower staff training costs. Retailers will also benefit from greater control over their business. Integrated dashboards allow retailers to easily track key metrics, closely monitor results and quickly respond with self-generated promotions.

Tripod Ventures is a privately held company based in Montreal, Canada.



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